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Mission , vision and objective

Environment research center is looking forward to complete its training, counseling, and research tasks in the field of environment. The center aspire to guide the environmental efforts (local and national) through its plans and researches. The aim of these plans is to protect the environment and accomplish the aims of sustain ability. The mission of the center is concentrated in three axes; these axes cannot be accomplished without the cooperation of local and international organizations. The axes are:

  • o First axes: conducting researches and environmental studies.
  • o Second axes: giving training sessions about the environment.
  • o Third axes: provide scientific and environmental counseling.

The center aims at raising the level of environmental awareness among the people and the workers of government institutions. The center also participate in the environmental scientific movement by holding annual sessions and seminars about environment . The center participate in the development of scientific research and training the cadres of the government, private sector, and civil organizations. Giving consultants about the environment ( studying environmental impact , designing environmental systems, and environmental tests). The participation in coordinating the national and local efforts with international and local organizations. This coordination leads to the accomplishments of the center, protect the environment and sustain ability. The center is doing the following tests:

• Water analysis

  • Physical tests
  • biological tests

• Observing and studying air pollution

• Soil tests

• Biodiversity studies

  • Plant and animal plankton
  • o Fish
  • o Wild and aquatic plants