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C.V. for professor Jasim Mohammad Salman Hammadi
Dr. Jassim Mohammed Salman Hamadi

Identification card

Name: Mahammed Ebraheem Jabbar Al defiery

Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Date of Birth: 19/07/1963


Type of certificate






Soil Science / Microbiology

Baghdad / Iraq




Science / Microbiology (Bioremediation)

Osmania /India


Other certifications:

1- Diploma at the United Nations and International understanding - the United Nations Organization (degree First Division)

2- Post Graduate Diploma in translation (Osmania University) - Hyderabad \ India (degree: First Division)

3-Diploma in Translation (University of English and foreign languages ​​other (EFLO - Hyderabad \ India (degree: Excellent)

4-Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics of the Global Institute of Biotechnology - Hyderabad \ India (degree: First Division)

5-Diploma in Advance Bioinformatics of Bioaxis DNA Research Center Limited - Hyderabad \ India

-6Diploma in Photography Iraqi Photographers Association - Baghdad \ Iraq

7-Qualifying cycle computer \ Babylon University with honors

8-Methods of teaching and training of university course \ Babylon University (degree very good)

Researches Issued on Microbiology and Environmante:53

Books that have been authored:

Environment and Cancer book (Author by Mahammed Ebraheem Jabbar) issued by Dar Al-Buraq (Helab - Syria).

Teaching activities

1 -Teach the following subjects: Microbiology, Viruses, Health Education, Biosystematics, Ecology, Invertebrates, Plant Production and Fungi and Algae.

2 -Supervision of Master students

Participation in conference and symposium with: 85

Membership of scientific associations

1 -Microbiologists Association \ India (long-life Member )

- 2 Iraqi Society of Environmental Protection

3 -Iraqi Society of Soil Science

Workshops: 21

Seminars: 20

Certificates of Appreciation: 68

Scientific Positions:

1-Head of water pollution Department - Environmental Research Center - University of Babylon

2-Head of Environmental Quality Department - Environmental Research Center - University of Babylon

3-Assistant Director of Environmental Research Center, University of Babylon

- 4 Head of Training and Rehabilitation Department

5- Director of Environmental Research and studies Center, University of Babylon