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C.V. for professor Jasim Mohammad Salman Hammadi
Dr. Jassim Mohammed Salman Hamadi

Identification card

Full name: professor Jasim Mohammad Salman Hammadi
Address: Hila- BABYLON / IRAQ
Place and date of birth: Hila 1967
Bachelor: university of Baghdad/ college of science/ department of biology/ 1989- 1990
Master: Babylon university/ college of science/ department of biology/ 2001
PhD: Babylon university / college of science/ department of biology- environment and pollution
General specialization: biology- environment and pollution
Accurate specialization: water environment, water pollution, environment, pure water- biology, water, water treatment, waste treatments, poisons, bio diversity.
Title of PhD research : Studying some possible pollutants in the Euphrates river between the Indian dam, and Kufa city/ IRAQ.


MOBILE / 07708088494, 07801300464
Work Location: Iraq - University of Babylon

Specialization and research

Iraqi water bodies, rivers(Euphrates, Hela, Kufa Abbasid), phytoplankton environment  Plant, Alnem environment, aquatic plant environment, aqueous evidence, the quality of water pollution  , Life environmental indicators, bioenergy and biofuels, heavy elements, Vehicles Hydrocarbon.

Courses & Workshops

  • A workshop on the study of wetlands in the marshes of southern Iraq, Basra University Marine Center in 2005 in collaboration with the University of Waterloo, Canada.
  • Workshop on Environmental Health, World Health Organization 0.2007 \ Amman Jordan
  • devices and calculators Alonds systems and the Internet system applications, electronic calculators Center University of Babylon.
  • A workshop on environmental pollution \ Ministry of Environment - Baghdad 27 29/9/2011
  • A workshop on river management and environmental monitoring them, the University of California -the United States-US June 2012 .

Membership organizations, bodies and committees

  • Member of the Iraqi Alpajulugiyn Association
  • member of the Iraqi Teachers' Union.
  • Iraqi member of the Environmental Protection Society.
  • Iraqi protection of the Environment and Water Association-Baghdad.
  • Member of the International Society for the History of water - the Netherlands.
  • board member of the Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa
  • board member of the Life Sciences Department - Faculty of Sciences – University of Babylon
  • Decision Sciences Department Alehiah_aldrasat initial –University of Babylon
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Life Sciences-University of Babylon.
  • Central Committee member-exam Faculty of Science- University of Babylon.
  • Member of the Committee Examination for postgraduate studies (Master's and PhD) at the Universities of Baghdad, Basra, Qadisiyah and Babil, Dhi Qar, Kufa and Karbala .
  • Decision Sciences Department Alehiah- University of Babylon2010-2011
  • Director of Environmental Research Center (LERC) University of Babylon -2012
  • Member of the Board to protect and improve the environment / province of Babylon.
  • chock member of the Committee for Health and Environment Committee-the province of Babylon.
  • Board Member University of Babylon.
  • member of the Assembly of the World techniques environmental / USA.
  • Advisory Board member of the Organization Auarabiyh for Research on Environment, Water and DesertWatch Amman-Jordan.
  • Member of the Committee interdisciplinary-research and development department - the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-Baghdad.
  • supervising the PhD student jointly University of Babylon University of Florida..
  • supervise graduate students in Iraqi universities: Master (6), PhD (6).
  • Subscribe committees Alastelal scientific upgrades for Tdresen University of Babylon.
  • evaluation of scientific research in scientific journals in the court inside and outside Iraq.
  • Central Committee of the Faculty of Scienceم –University of Babylon differentiate between applicants Studies Scholarship students outside Iraq 2011-2012.
  • of the Committee on the stand the preparations of the Scientific Committee of the Conference of the Association of Scientific Iraqi Environmental Protection, 2011.
  • structural review of the scientific to the -University of Babylon.
  • Conference Scientific Environmental Research, Environment research center –University of Babylon , 2012.
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