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Speech by the Director of the Environmental Research Center
Dr. Jassim Mohammed Salman

Son of Man so accustomed to human nature since the first presence on respect for nature and deal                      With all the Humane and harmony and sharing the benefit of knowing that the man was worshiped nature and was religions                      The first sacred animal and practiced ritual worship of the sun, fire, water, etc. However Ttoralzimn and civilization                      Gradually worship secede from the abstract nature of the link up to the sky and thought the absolute                      The man worked on trying to interpret and organize spiritual relationship with nature is responsible from the point                      View about his life and his death, in order to take advantage of its resources and avoid anger, and as a result Nashat                      First civilizations that grew strength from the elements such as the availability of water and arable soil sources                      Agriculture and natural sources of food (plant and animal), fishing and benefit from the source                      And how to avoid natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and fires through the emergence of communities                      And the first to organize agriculture and the creation of dams.

Dr. Jassim Mohammed Salman

director of Environment research center