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About the center

Environment research center was founded in 1998 according to the low of centers foundation NO1 for the year 1995. The center has three main departments they are: Department of Researching Natural Resources, Department of Clean Technology, and Department of Training. In addition to a group of units like consulting unit, accounting units, and administration unit. Duties of the center are:

  • Conducting studies to solve the environmental problems like water, air, soil, and food pollution.
  • Preparing reports about environmental impact.
  • Holding training sessions to improve the skills of the employees in the governmental institutions.
  • Organizing conversances in the field of environment and spread the awareness of environment culture.
  • The provision of consultancies about the environment.
  • Environmental treatments.

The main job of the center in researching. So, the first step was to make a yearly research plan involves the work the cadre of the center. The subjects of the researches are about the environmental problems in general and the problems of Babylon governorate in particular. Achieving the goals of the research ( solve the problem) after being evaluating, the research published in a reputable scientific journals.

As for the role of environment center, it involves an academic role in the field of environment by holding yearly sessions. In these sessions the role of environmental concepts is explained for the employees of the government. The center held five sessions tackles different environmental subjects. The center and from academic point of view, held four media sessions tackled the problems of Iraqi environment.