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The world is convinced that the continuation of these systems of life generate a threat to humanity as a whole as a result of the negative effects that have occurred to the environment due to cultural growth and urban expansion and increase the population and the consumption of raw natural resources non-frozen and tampering with the environmental components and disruption of its balance. These signs have emerged through the noticeable increase in diseases, the emergence of new epidemics, the suffering that undermines human comfort, and climatic changes that threaten environmental disasters that do unpleasant consequences and raise concerns among environmentalists, scientists and even politicians, Where they are going to the field of disastrous consequences on the planet after they realized that they were able to deal with the results without fighting the causes. Therefore, the need to manage these problems by a specialized research center within the framework of academic contribute to the development of solutions and controls to address pollution and the development of appropriate regulations and laws to protect and improve the environment. The problems of the environment do not address the lines or words because it is a wide issue with different dimensions need to harmonize and coordinate between all institutions according to the requirements of life changing and renewable, This responsibility falls on the individual and the country, which requires taking into account the rights of the environment that God created human to protect and preserve its natural resources because human is entrusted to it and not its owner,As well as the protection of the rights of others to have fresh air, clean water, unpolluted food, enjoy the beauty of nature, and live in a life with the justice, cooperation, love and rule of law. more

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